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Official Bio


Official Bio


Jacquie is an author, entrepreneur, and wealth strategist for high net worth women who want to use their wealth to impact generations.

After a highly successful career in accounting, she went on to build a six-figure property business and a six-figure coaching business. She’s developed a proven process that helps entrepreneurs get clear on their mind drama and access their inner power.

Jacquie has published two Amazon best-selling books and been featured in publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Money Magazine and the London Economic.

She’s helped clients to embrace their power, create a life strategy, and use their wealth to make an impact. Jacquie’s message gives women the tools to overcome limiting beliefs and utilize their power to change the world.

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Topics of Expertise

  • Building a Business
  • Impactful Investing
  • Why wealth is power
  • Guilt and Wealth
  • When donating to charity isn’t the best choice
  • Taking control of your wealth
  • Taking control of your mind
  • Taking control of your life

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