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It's time to Stop Hiding 

I didn't believe one woman could make a difference.

I tried to keep quiet and hide my views.

I was told it wasn't polite to talk about politics or religion in public.

Don't cause a fuss.

Hide your opinions or people will not want to work with you.

And so I did. For years I hid what I believe from everyone.

Even from myself.

And it was years before I noticed.

Then there was Trump and American institutional chaos!

As seen in:

What if there was a different definition of Power?


Now Trump is far from the first misogynistic, power hungry, crazy man to hold a political office. In fact, there have been thousands...tens of thousands across the globe and through the centuries. But he is the first that I saw to just not care or try to hide it.

And my brain couldn't process what was happening. How could it be possible that is was suddenly ok to talk that way about women? 

But you have to reduce women to objects in order to take their rights away.

In order for an outdated patriarchal society to remain in power, women need to stay silent.

Some people believe than in order to have more power you need to take it from someone else and women have always been an easy target.

Let's talk about a more inclusive and feminine version of power - a power that comes from within and encompasses and empowers others - where the more power you have the more power everyone has!


“Jacquie has been brilliant, always there when I need her. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who’s thinking of mentorship. She is so sincere and genuine, does exactly what she promises you. I have learned so much from you!”

So women are being reduced to objects and reduced to animals...no longer human. 

We are a p*ssy to grab. A b*tch to put in her place. We shouldn't even be in charge of our own bodies, let alone in charge of companies or countries.

I knew I needed to find a way to stop it but it all seemed so big. I'm only one person. How could I change the course of the world?

So I took a small step...I tasted the freedom of speaking my truth...and wondered how many other women are held back by the same fears...the same blocks.

Our society ultimately teaches women to stay small and stay quiet or be burned as a witch.

 That our job was to nurture and support but only in the background otherwise we risk being called bossy or a b*tch and shunned by the community.

And as I dug deeper I realized that the same blocks and beliefs that were preventing me from making my true impact on the world were not unique to me.

I know you have a mission too - a legacy to create. And I can help you step forward, free your mind and your soul, and increase your impact so that together we can change the world.  Instead of being small individuals changing the world alone, we can become a movement of women making the world a better place for our daughters and grand-daughters, our sisters and our nieces and for the future of our planet.

You are a woman.

And even though you’ve created your own massive success, they don’t expect you to take a stand.

To claim your full power.

To not need anyone’s signature of approval.

To confidently and boldly make your own decisions and be unaffected by everyone else’s expectations.


Stop believing that there’s a limit to your power for any reason. You have the power to influence society even if you don’t know how to invest your money.

You have crazy power because of your personality, your experiences, your passions, and your just being you.


There is world-shaking power already inside you.
It’s time to connect the pieces and change the world.


You are already equipped to make an impact.

The truth is that you have everything you need to be a living legend. You don’t need more knowledge, a different image, or anything else.

You can start creating a legacy right now, just by strategically building the life and business that you have.

You don’t have to listen to an "expert" who doesn’t really know you. You don’t have to follow a set plan or programme or structure.

You can shed the false beliefs you have

about how are “supposed to” behave. You can do, say and promote things you love – and you don’t need anyone’s permission.

We can unravel your deepest passions and decide how you want to build your legacy. We’ll build a strategy for you to make the impact you were designed for.

And that doesn’t mean the only way you help or build a better world is by doing what everyone else does. You can make an impact and make a a lot of money and do it all your way. And it can be so much fun along the way!


Let’s find your path to power, wealth, and a living legacy with ease.


“Jacquie gave me so much knowledge and confidence. She is so helpful, always answers all of your questions, and she cares even after you finish working with her. If anyone is thinking of working with Jacquie DO NOT THINK TWICE.”

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