I describe myself as crazy...

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I describe myself as crazy...

I mean who else leaves a 6-figure corporate job with one of the biggest accounting firms in the world, that includes all kinds of international travel and adventures?

And then who builds a lucrative property investment business and then closes it down when she gets tired of it?

And then who builds an alpaca farm from scratch?!

Crazy people like me that's who!!

But you know what, I think we all have some crazy in us!

We all have that little inner voice telling us that maybe there is more out there.

Maybe there is something different, something bigger we can be doing.

And for most people, that's where it stops!

With just a little voice inside of us that the world tells us is crazy and we need to stop listening to it and stay safe.

But is safe all we really want?

Remember that 5 year old you, before you picked up all the cultural norms that have been passed down for generations?

The you that asked WHY about everything and wanted to know how everything worked.

Who played with her imaginary friends for hours having all kinds of adventures.

Remember her?

She is still there inside of you.

The more I listen to the small voice inside of me and take action on crazy dreams and ideas the more my life grows in ways I could never imagine.

The more I create and change the world, in my own small way.

Just imagine if you listened to that little voice, what might be possible.

Because you know, deep down inside, you know the answer and you know that there is so much more for you to be and create.

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