EPISODE 023: How to Change the Course of Elections with Your Shopping


This year we experienced one of the most pivotal elections in the United States, and perhaps in the world. Millions of Americans showed up to the polls to cast their ballots as we stressed the importance of voting and how every person’s vote makes a difference. And while that holds true, it’s also important to note that voting is not the only way that we can contribute to a brighter future. There are choices that we make each and every day that actually play a significant role in shaping the world we live in. But what exactly are those choices and how do they make a difference? What else can we be doing besides voting every few years? This is what I am sharing with you in today’s episode! You might learn something that you didn’t know before, and it might change the way you think about spending your money going forward.
In this episode we discuss:
  • Why your vote matters
  • What else you can do to make a difference 
  • How money comes into play during an election
  • Supporting ethical companies

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