2020 was a crazy year for me...and not just because of the pandemic!

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2020 was a crazy year for me...and not just because of the pandemic!

I started some deep changes in my business and in myself.

At the end of 2019 - I wrapped up a business that saved me from my 9-5, but that I just wasn't excited about anymore.

And that was super scary!

I felt all the feels about being a quitter (again) and not being tough enough to push through and giving up all that money and being a fraud.

In 2020 I was going to take a year off from starting new projects and just chillax, build a farm (yay alpacas) and then chill some more.

Have you ever tried to take a big chunk of time off? It is SO HARD!

I felt like I was being bombarded with constant messages of how I wasn't doing enough and I should do more and I am missing out on building momentum and all the constant stories of the hustle.

Also, as soon as I stop all the doing my brain goes into over-drive with a million new ideas that all sound amazing.

All the businesses I could build and the ways I could change the world.

Followed by more messages of not being enough because I wasn't "working hard".


So I jumped in on one of the ideas and started building something new.

I followed all the experts and guidance and hired all the people that I thought could get me the results.

And I pushed and pushed and struggled and then threw some more money at experts and courses to solve the problem of why I wasn't moving forward in this new venture.

It all felt so hard.

And then add a pandemic on top of that (actually, we've got 3 lockdowns in my life...corona virus, avian flu, and potential TB in my alpaca herd).

Then, I hired a new coach. In what might seem like a fast move I saw a FB ad and the messaging was so aligned that I jumped into a high-end 1:1 coaching programme.

It was scary, was this going to be ANOTHER fat wad of money thrown at an expert that wasn't really going to help me?

Was I going to go farther down the rabbit hole into hustle?

Luckily - it was exactly what I needed to get myself back in alignment with who I was and what I loved.

To stop pushing myself in a direction that wasn't quite right because it seemed like the "right thing to do".

To follow my heart, find my alignment, and enjoy my passion, which also happens to be my super power! Ahh! So Much FUN!

Can you relate?!

If you are ready to step into your true and aligned self.

If you are ready to make more money in your business by working even less hours by finding true alignment!

Then send me a message - let's chat about how my 1:1 coaching could work for you!

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