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Women. Power. Wealth

I bet those 3 little words bring up a lot of big feeling for you

I know, even now, that I need to focus my mind on the feminine version of power when I see those words.

Today we are so surrounded and encompassed by a masculine power that is the norm in our patriarchal society.

That is an aggressive power over.

As women, we can be the leaders in focusing on a different kind of power, power with and power to. 

A type of power that means when I have more power everyone has more power.

There is no dominating and putting one down so others can have more. This feminine power is what we need more of to help heal our world right now and is the strength behind the words Women. Power. Wealth.

I believe it is time for women to step into their power, embrace their wealth and create a legacy to bring the world into alignment with equality and sustainability.

So let's talk about wealth & power in a new way.

Maybe this is hard because you've been raised to look down on money and see wealth as a sign of greed and masculine power.

Wealth and money are trigger words for most people, honestly I can say with confidence that everyone has dreams around money whether you were raised in one of the world's wealthiest families or poorest.

No matter where you fall on the spectrum know that money is neutral, it's just an object.  Your thoughts around that money and around your wealth are what matter. 

And I want you to know that your wealth and your power can make an amazing impact on the world.

The more we, as women, try to hide our power and shun wealth, the more the world as a whole suffers. 

As women, when we step into our power and use the wealth we have the world stands up and listens.

Change begins to happen.

We have lived in a masculine power dominated world for too long. Its time to even the balance. Not just men vs women because we all have masculine and feminine power within us...but we can lead the way and tap more easily into the feminine of we just relax and let's it flow.  If we stop trying so hard and pushing for bigger and better and faster and farther is easier to hear the whispers of the universe telling us what's next.

The world is crying for a new way. For new leaders.

And that is what who we are going to learn from in this book club - the women who are stepping up to lead from their inner feminine power. Who are sharing stories and wisdom of intuition, inclusivity, courage, vulnerability, and love.

We will combine the worlds of entrepreneurship with strong female leaders in all areas so that we can learn to grow in confidence of our feminine power and together create a movement that changes the world.

If you are ready to make more money, create more impactful power and you love to share deep discussions with other aligned women - I would like to welcome you to the Women Power Wealth Book Club. 

Click the link to join the Facebook Group and let's change the world together!

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This isn't like any other Book Club

I know, we've all seen them (and probably been a part of them). The book clubs that are either all about drinking wine and not about the books (I must say, this is awesome in some circumstances) or the book clubs that are SO about the books that you stop going because you feel guilty if you haven't read every single page.

We are different.


We are focusing on impact and learning from the women who are out there blazing the trail. Sometimes we can learn best about how to run our businesses and how to make money from non-business books.

The new way is about courage and soul and we will be learning from the women that are leading that research and lifestyle - so that you can show up as your authentic and aligned self.

No Shame

If you haven't read every word of the book, that's ok, because we will be breaking the conversations down into bite-sized pieces and having multiple focused discussions, not just one big general discussion.

Also, we spend more than a month on each book, because reading a book each month can be a lot on top of all our other responsibilities. Plus, more time gives us the space to go into more than just the surface level of the books.


Of course you can just read these books alone, and you probably have already read some of them. But it's different reading and discussing a book with a group of women who are aligned in some areas but completely and insanely different in others.

Your growth will accelerate exponentially with the inclusion of new thoughts and ideas from these other powerful women who are making their dreams a reality.

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Who is the Women Power Wealth Book Club for?

This vibrant community IS for you if:

  • You love sharing ideas with other female entrepreneurs
  • You thrive on frank discussions about powerful topics
  • You want to change the world by stepping up as your true authentic and aligned self.
  • You want to learn from courageous and vulnerable women who share their message through their stories and books
  • You love to read (or listen) to non-fiction books
  • You want to grow your business, make more money and be confident in the vision you share with the world

This community is NOT for you if:

  • You are looking for a group of women to sell your products or services to
  • You are looking for get rich quick schemes
  • You aren't interested in learning and investing in yourself as your businesses greatest asset
  • You don't want to contribute to the conversation
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How the Book Club Works

  • Free Private Facebook Group for all discussion - moderated and reviewed to ensure there is no spam or harassment and that conversations stay on topic
    - so that you can learn the most from the stories the authors share
  • New book every 2 months
    - so that we can get deep into the book and it's lessons
  • Experienced guide / moderator
    - so that you can trust the journey to your authentic alignment
  • Weekly discussions (via text and video) on specific excerpts of the book
    - so that you can easily follow along and join the conversation (even if you haven't read the whole book yet)
  • Free resource guides for each book
    - so that you can easily gather more information on topics that interest you
  • Opportunities to go deeper and get bespoke coaching 
    - so that you can implement the learnings in your own life and business

Upcoming Books

January & February - "Untamed" by Glennon Doyle

March & April - "Becoming" by Michelle Obama

May & June - "Year of Yes" by Shonda Rhimes

July & August - "The Mental Load" & "The Emotional Load" by Emma (illustrated feminist comics)

September & October - "Dare to Lead" by Brene Brown

November & December - "Burnout" by Emily & Amelia Nagoski

**These are subject to change by vote of the group...and any new books that appear during the year**

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About Your Wealth and Power Guide

I am Jacquie Edwards and I am here to guide the discussion as we learn from courageous and powerful women so that you can show up in your business and your life and your authentic and aligned self.

I have been an entrepreneur for over 10 years in multiple different niche's building multiple 6+ figure businesses.  My passion is to step up and coach women to "create money with their minds" by stopping the hustle and focusing on simplicity as you scale.

I graduated university with a literature degree AND an accounting degree so I am well placed to lead the discussion around both books and wealth.

I am passionate, quirky and fun! I believe that women need to make more money so that we can change the world. The balance has been tipped towards the masculine for so long and it isn't working - it's time to bring in more feminine energy to create a future that we can all enjoy with equality and sustainability.  Come and join the movement!

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